Auxilium Partners digital banking platform is currently under construction and offers all of the benefits of traditional banking delivered in a regulated environment with A rated insurance wraps utilising blockchain technology.

The Platform will be attractive to four core customer bases, namely;

 Any individual looking to have access to an international banking platform service with easy to access to investments, savings, payment solutions and trading

 UHNW Individuals seeking secure opportunities to access future markets at low risk and high yield with potential for explosive growth.

 Investors seeking a yield on savings and pensions better than mainstream yet structured and regulated.

 Businesses seeking to use trade facilities and gain access to other banking facilities normally excluded to them.

The platform will use blockchain concepts but at its core are all of the conventional banking procedures. The risk profile for the platform will be identical to that of an A rated bank holding customer funds and offering finance facilities.

The difference is the mixture banking and blockchain solutions together with scope for growth, the ownership structure and the ability to deliver returns to users which are normally dissipated across overhead, staff, premises, shareholders, advertising budgets and running costs required to operate an international banking operation.

Additionally, the structure facilitates complete control over transactions giving maximum flexibility when implementing trading opportunities.

Auxliium Partners BLOCKCHAIN

Auxilum Partners can advise upon and facilitate all Blockchain requirements from delivery and tracking of smart contracts through to creation of bespoke Crypto-currencies and ultimately a white label ICO (Initial Coin Offering) service.

Still in it’s infancy, Blockchain technology will form the future of all secure communications and be the bed rock of authentication and validation systems.

Blockchain offers fast and secure information delivery as well as international currency and trading solutions.

We have the expertise to meet the requirements of any Blockchain related project and can advise on the integration of Blockchain to existing systems to speed the transmission of secure information either internally or with external third parties.